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Seven Quick Takes

1. Tessa is growing so fast! I put a 6 month outfit on her today, and although it’s a BIT long in the sleeves, it totally fits. We went to my sister’s prenatal with her a couple weeks ago and weighed Tess just for fun – 12 lbs, 7 1/2 oz! She discovered how to squeal this week, which cracks me up. She also cannot get enough of looking people in the eye and talking. She is so communicative, it amazes me. This morning she was on her tummy on a blanket on the living room floor, and she rolled over for the first time! She looked so surprised! 🙂

2. We went to the local farm supply store on Saturday, just for fun. Yes, we have a farm supply store about 5 minutes from our house. 🙂 They were supposed to get their baby chicks in yesterday…I’m debating about whether to really to go through with my threats to get chickens this year or not. 😉 But, they did have baby bunnies, which the girls had a blast petting and holding!

3. I must have gotten gluten somewhere over the weekend, because I felt TERRIBLE all day yesterday. Still trying to recover today. Ugh. I greatly dislike days where we just try to survive.

4. Nick is scheduled for just one more pizza shift, and then he’s done! Work at his accounting job has continued to pick up, and he is going to be able to work his extra hours there instead of delivering pizza. The pay will be about the same as before, but the hours are much more flexible, he won’t have to drive through snow storms, and he won’t have to dash out of church every Sunday to work all afternoon and evening. We’re excited about that.

5. My sister’s baby shower, for my very favorite nephew (he’s also my first nephew), is Saturday. So fun! 7 more weeks… I simply cannot wait to hold him. There’s something so amazing about my sister having a baby.

6. I’ve been cooking/making all kinds of interesting things lately. Gluten free sourdough bread, soaked breakfast porridges (we’ve done amaranth, teff, and oats so far – and we like them all), sauerkraut, mussels, curry chicken salad (YUM.), and last night I started some beet kvass (say it, it’s fun to say;)) I’m thoroughly enjoying my food/science experiments. Every couple of weeks I feel a bit burnt out on cooking. But it usually only takes a meal off (Nick grilled burgers for us last night, for example), for me to get my enthusiasm back. There’s just so many things to try. I also may or may not be addicted to kombucha. I need to buy my own culture. The bottled stuff costs an arm and a leg! I guess it’s probably all the B vitamins, but I just feel so good when I drink it. This week we bought some blackberry Izze, which I used to love, but they taste so flat and boring compared to the complexity of kombucha. I didn’t expect our taste buds to adapt that quickly! We noticed the same thing when we made the cooked brown rice cereal with rice milk that we used to eat every day – the flavors are so boring compared to soaked grains.

7. Doing quite a bit of spring cleaning and yard/garden planning. Part of our garage is full of moving boxes still, and I got out there this morning while the big kids played outside and Tess napped, and got about 1/2 of them broken down. Those I will freecycle. In another part of the garage is the table we were using in our dining room, and a couch. Those need to be sold/given away. Our trees in the front yard need to be cleaned up and trimmed, the flower beds need mulch, and I think I’m going to use the scrap lumber that was left behind our shed to build a raised bed for my vegetable garden. Just gotta get some topsoil. I’m very happy that warm weather is on the way!


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Tessa, just generally.

Cooing and smiling with Tessa.

Washing my cloth diapers (no, I’m totally serious)

Thinking about planning my garden

The fact that recipes using milk and cheese and butter are seemingly no longer off limits

My mom is paying for me to get my house cleaned

The box of fruits and veggies from Door to Door Organics (I have a $5 coupon if you wanna try it! Tell them I sent ya!)

Homemade sourdough gluten free bread

Getting raw goat’s milk again, and the stories the farmer guy tells me to go with it

FPU Grad School at New Life

Audrey’s clear, eczema-free arms and legs

Emails from my husband

Getting to meet my nephew in two more months, and watching my sister with her first baby

My mom coming to my house for a nice long chat

My mom playing dodgeball with Hannah and Audrey

Jared Anderson’s People of Troy album

Rhapsody and Meebo apps for iphone

Being OFF Facebook!!!

Only taking Hannah to ballet and having special time with Audrey

Audrey begging to clean the dining room table (using a spray bottle of vinegar and water and a rag)

Dilynn, my mother’s helper, playing Barbies with H&A

Having someone I can call my mother’s helper

Possibly the end of Nick delivering pizza? (Though the long hours will continue, they will be more flexible)

What’s making you smile?

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Outside my window… More snow. I know I live in Colorado, but winters just get really long here. And two of my friends with new babies have been in the hospital with them, with RSV, in the past two weeks. So thankful that we’re well, but ready for warmer weather.

I am thinking… About the food we’re eating, always. About Valentine’s Day and what to do without spending too much. About homeschooling.

I am hearing… The washer running with Tess’s new cloth diapers that just arrived. I’m so excited to be able to do that this time. I hate the smell, feel and look of disposables, especially after getting to compare them to cloth with this trial.

Some highlights from the week… Had our final, 6 week appointment with Laura our midwife on Friday. Always bittersweet. Her and her apprentice Dana (who was also at our birth) were telling me about the hormones present at births that bond people together. That’s apparently one of the reasons for Bradley’s idea for husband-coached childbirth – women would go to leave the hospital and give their OB a great big hug instead of feeling that way toward their husbands since at that time husbands weren’t even allowed in the delivery rooms. I’ve always thought that would be a hard part of being a midwife, having to gently push clients away at the end of their time. But they were saying it works both ways and they feel the same toward their clients… Such an amazing experience… Tess is doing great – up to 10 1/2 lbs already!

Went to another midwife who does hearing tests for newborns and had Tessa’s done. Her ears work. Yay!

Our dryer quit. This would have been a definite lowlight, except that I asked on Facebook whether anyone had one to sell before I checked Craig’s List, and an old high school friend was just about to donate one she had sitting in her garage with no power cord. So we got it replaced for free! I actually like the “new” one better than the old one. It’s a Maytag and seems to be much sturdier.

I am thankful for… A free dryer, kids who are well, a warm house, a van that runs and a garage to park it in, newborn snuggles and smells, enough food to eat, friends, a husband who loves me…yep, feeling very thankful today.

From the kitchen… The health food store had leftover frozen turkeys from the holidays, so I bought one last night. 21 pounds. That is a whole lotta turkey. The thing is, we won’t have any trouble eating it, and I’ll freeze what we don’t want right now. And I really like turkey broth. Yum. Now to defrost it. That’s gonna take days…

Nothing all that exciting going on this week. Still working on my sourdough starter. It seems to take a couple weeks to start a gluten free wild yeast one. I usually lose interest sometime during that process and that further slows it down. Now if I can avoid preheating it again…

I’ve been trying some goat’s milk and pastured dairy in my diet again, and finding it very successful as long as I continue to drink broth and water kefir every day. Cheese and butter and eggs make me happy. Seriously. I need to find a way to get more broth into the kiddos. I just drink it as warm drink in a mug with a little salt, but Hannah in particular is not a fan. She also lately is the one with the most severe food intolerances.

I am wearing…jammies. Nick works tonight, we have ballet this afternoon, and a full weekend ahead. I’m pacing myself. Or something.

I am reading…Esther, although I’m sadly finding it impossible to keep up with my Bible study so far. An hour or so to do it “right” each day is a lot. Oh well. Whatever part I actually do is great! I just paid my library fines (heh.) and put a bunch of books on hold. The first to arrive was the biography I was reading and had to return before I finished a few months ago. Gotta go get that one!

I am hoping…The girls enjoy their ballet class this afternoon. It’s a different teacher and a later time. Should be good!

One of my favorite things…Tess smiling and telling me “ah! goo.”

A few plans for the rest of the week…Nick’s sister Michelle is coming to visit tomorrow morning. Valentine’s Tea with my mom and sisters tomorrow afternoon. Nick works Sunday, so our VD date will be early next week instead. Another meeting with our financial advisor to see what our next steps are. A playdate at Chick fil a. Women’s night at church – they’re doing a “baby shower” for the crisis pregnancy center and we’re making those knotted fleece blankets. 🙂 Busy week!

A picture thought I’m sharing…how about a video of Tess? 🙂

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It has been a tired week around here. Nick worked 60 hours at his regular job, finishing up tax things like w-2’s and 1099’s and payroll tax returns. Thankfully he was able to get people to cover his pizza shifts for the weekend, which was good since he worked all day Saturday.

Raising three children by yourself is difficult. I do not recommend it.

Sunday we really enjoyed church, and even sat in on a meeting about placing membership which is a funny concept to me after attending New Life for so long. Basically you’re saying you love God and plan to go to church regularly. Think we can handle that. 🙂 The worship leader walked up to Nick and I, we had missed the announcement about the membership meeting, and she said, “The first step to getting involved in worship would be to go to that meeting. Can I watch your kids for you?” Heh. So she did. And she fed them gingersnaps, which should have caused a terrible gluten reaction, but we prayed over them when we got home and they didn’t react. Thank you, God. So we’re excited about being somewhere that is excited to have us. And we love how people have reached out to us. I’ve already met two stay at home moms with young kids who live right in my neighborhood. Play dates at the park this summer, for sure!

Tessa smiled at me yesterday. I feel like I can all of a sudden see her personality. She’s making eye contact more, and is such a sweet, gentle kid. After several days where she cried a lot and couldn’t be comforted, I broke down and gave her a pacifier, even though I much prefer my kids suck their fingers if they need to, for many reasons. Hannah and Audrey never liked the pacifier, but Tessa took right to it, and seems so much more relaxed.

Aside from Nick working so much, I have found the transition to three to be very easy. I’m enjoying Tessa so much and she’s such a great addition to our family. She sleeps amazingly well, 5-6 hours at a time at night, is finally nursing like a champ, and smells so good. Never mind that she’s currently fussy even though she’s eaten and has a dry diaper. 😉 I gained 38 pounds with my pregnancy and have lost 23 of that, which I’m very happy with since I’m nursing.

I ordered our cloth diapers today, after our 21 day trial ended. I’m doing regular old prefolds with Thirsties covers (trying one of these too). I have a snappi, which I will probably use more as she starts crawling, but I like that these covers don’t require any kind of fastener, and are easy to launder.

Part of my tiredness today is from staying up till midnight last night, watching Worst Cooks in America with Nick. 🙂 We were very entertained by the show, but found the finale to be terribly anticlimactic. I’d love to go to culinary school, along with about 5 other schools. One lifetime to live is not enough. 🙂

I’m talking with my kids about what we want to plant in our vegetable garden this spring. It’ll be time to start plants in another month or so. I threw together this little chart so I could start thinking about when to do stuff. And while I’m at it, here’s my nifty weekly list that I use. The “friends” box is for people I want to talk with or make plans with for that week. 🙂 Back to the garden – I’m debating whether doing a raised bed, or renting a tiller and amending the sand soil is a better, more cost effective plan…

OK, better go insist on naptime. It’s getting late!

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Outside my window… We got a dusting of snow last night. It looks very cold and miserable. And I need to go to the post office. And Hannah wants to go to Gramma’s house.

I am thinking… About the Beth Moore study on Esther I’m going to. About nutrition and how it might help me quit getting cavities. About what project to start next. About my friend from Bible school whose husband had a sudden heart attack and passed away Tuesday morning. She has three children 4 and under. I simply cannot imagine what she’s going through. Pray for Myriah and the kids, please!

I am hearing… Tessa fussing upstairs. She’s not into the morning nap thing today.

Some highlights from the week… We got to take the kids to a local “family fun center” on Monday and Tuesday night, because the pizza company Nick works for hosted family nights. It usually costs $20 per person for the pass we had – we could do pretty much everything, and there’s lots to do!

I am thankful for… the extra hours Nick has at his regular job this week. They’re doing end of the year tax stuff, which is highly stressful to him, but the extra hours mean he doesn’t have to be out delivering pizza. He’s been able to get his last three shifts covered, and he was home all weekend last weekend.

From the kitchen… I “preheated” my sourdough starter the other day. It’s too cold for it to work unless I leave it in my oven with the oven light on, and I totally forgot and turned the oven on. Oh well. Starting again!

There’s a batch of water kefir on the counter. I keep trying different fruit in it to flavor it, but don’t get the color or flavor that most people seem to get. Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Just put us on the waiting list for raw goat’s milk this spring – I hope to make yogurt and kefir and maybe cheese!

I did some bean sprouts and we’re loving those – Nick eats them on everything. Next time I’ll do smaller batches, there were too many to finish before they’re not as fresh as I like them to be. I’m super picky about that.

Found a yogurt maker at a thrift store for $5. It’s an older one, with five glass containers. Pretty handy, especially since I don’t have a dehydrator and see above for my reliability with my oven. Heh! Anyway, I made one batch of coconut milk yogurt that tasted good but didn’t let it go long enough and it was super runny. I’ll try that again this week.

Still planning to make sauerkraut, but haven’t worked up the courage… 😉

I am wearing…Red shirt, white tank, comfy blue pants that I’ll change into jeans when we actually go somewhere. It’s cold!

I am reading…Esther. I kind of hit information overload in the past couple of days with all the nutrition research I’ve been doing, so I’m going to take a bit of a break on that, and take time to process and pray over what God wants for our family.

I am hoping…that the new schedule I have instituted around here starts to get us organized. So far it seems to be working. Also putting chore charts together for Hannah and Audrey so we can start doing allowance for them.

One of my favorite things…these chocolate chip cookies. Oh, man.

A few plans for the rest of the week…trying ballet again with the girls. Later class so it shouldn’t interrupt naptime, and a different teacher. Hopefully this will work! Um, it’s going to be February?

A picture thought I’m sharing…

January 2010 076

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We spent the entire day in jammies today. Everyone but Hannah and Tessa had a touch of a tummy bug of some kind, and Audrey ran a low fever for a few hours. Not exactly what I had pictured for the first Sunday Nick had off in…oh…6 months. But it could have been worse! Everyone seems on the mend tonight, thanks to prayer, probiotics, colloidal silver, chicken soup, and Oscillo.

Nick and Hannah gave Toby the dog a bath this afternoon. He’s all shiny now. We should maybe think about doing that more often? 🙂

I have about 5 different posts in my head right now…if I could only have enough time to sit down and write them!

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When we walked into church today Tessa caused quite a stir. It seemed almost everyone had heard of how our baby was born Christmas day. In the service a couple of women were talking about the group that crochets and knits blankets for people, praying over them as they work. Then they turned to us, asked us to stand and show Tessa to everyone, to much oohing and aahing. 😉 After the service they brought us a bunch of blankets and asked us to pick one. The one I picked was made by the woman’s 86 year old mother. 🙂

I also met the lady who leads the Tuesday morning women’s Bible study I signed up for. We’re doing Beth Moore’s Esther study.

Tomorrow night I’m going to the monthly women’s night. One of the women on the leadership team used to be in church college group with me back in the day, and has been eating gluten free since 2002. We had a long conversation about food, and she offered to make us some “safe” meals. Have I mentioned they serve gluten free communion at church? 🙂

I’m not quite sure how to process all my emotions related to changing churches, but I do know that we are enjoying where we have landed. I love that people will know my children. I love seeing the same people every week. I can’t wait to get acquainted with some older women at Bible study. We’ve been so amazed at how people have reached out to us and been kind to complete strangers. It’s just what we have needed…

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