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Toy Organization

We’re trying something new with the toys around here.

I had noticed that the toys my kids actually played with were much smaller in number than the number that were constantly laying all over the house. Tiny Barbie shoes, toys that were too “young” for them, play dishes…it was everywhere. I was tired of it.

I may have seen this idea somewhere, and if I did, let me know where it was! But, I gave each child a plastic storage bin and had them pick their favorite toys until it was full (Audrey nowhere near filled hers, interestingly). When they were done, I took out a few more I knew they would miss, and a few I would *like* them to play with, and then we boxed up the rest and put them in the garage.

Hoping for several outcomes with this:

-Anything left out belongs in somebody’s box or in the location I set up for it, so it’s easy for them to pick up their toys when it’s time.

-There are a few things in the garage that I could see us getting out again, but quite honestly, much of it is junk that I suspect we’ll realize we can throw out in a couple months.

-When they go to play, they aren’t so overwhelmed with “stuff” that they fight and get overwhelmed and frustrated.

-They don’t end up emptying the storage bins just to get to the toys they really want.

So we’ll see how this goes. So far I love it!


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