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Everyone’s Doing It

OK, so this is my New Year’s post.

The idea of a resolution at the beginning of the year is a little funny to me. Because, after all, shouldn’t we be working on our lives year round? On the other hand, the beginning of a new year is a great time to think about life, evaluate where you are, think about things that could be better. So, although it sounds trite to me, here is my list:

-Exercise regularly (I gotta get stronger and have more energy than this. I’m only 27.)
-Turn off the tv more and play with the kids more. (I have a tendency to rely on the tv to help with the girls on hard days. I’m beginning to see that the longer it’s on, the worse things get.)
-Learn more about business administration and marketing
-Make money at business
-Plant a garden
-Make our date night a weekly occurrence
-Paint the bathroom (no, we still don’t have this done)
-Stick to our budget and pay off significant debt
-Write my piano curriculum
-Continue with time with God
-Love people better, even when it’s inconvenient. (I hate that I’m flaky sometimes)

Interesting to me the things that aren’t a huge priority – things like having a spotless house, spending more time reading stuff on the internet, etc.

What’s on your list?


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Look how cute!

In case you’ve ever swallowed hard at the $25 for Robeez. I may try this sometime.

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