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New Christmas Music

Because I love Christmas music, especially worshipful Christmas music – check out Glenn’s new song.


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Love this

I might have posted this before, but I’m listening to it again today. 🙂

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New album is streaming at iheartmusic.com for free today – you just might have to install some stuff first.

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Free Music

Did you go download your free copy of the new Coldplay single? It’s a good one…

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Josh has alerted his readers to the highly important event that is a new Weepies release. Question: is there any way it’s as good as the others? We shall soon see.

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Music: Sara Bareilles

A girl named Sara that plays the piano and sings at the top of her lungs. Huh.

This is what I’m listening to today. I saw a music video of hers as I was flipping through channels at the hotel this weekend. Her latest release is “River,” a remake of the song that Meg Ryan quotes in “You’ve Got Mail.” I’ve never actually heard the song before, but I’ve been saying the lines from the movie.

I’m going to the nut shop, where it’s fun!

Love that movie.

Anyway. Love Sara’s music.

Hope your mango’s ripe!

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Fun New Videos

The girls are so cute. I can’t help it. They are! 🙂

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