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You should watch this

If you haven’t seen it, you should go rent the John Adams HBO Miniseries. I kept hearing about it, and finally rented it from Netflix. After it sat on the shelf for a couple of weeks (hey, we’re busy around here!), Nick and I finished the first disc of the three disc series last night. I’m fascinated.

I love:

-the acting.

-seeing the men we’ve always read and heard about, fleshed out by actors.

-watching Abigail Adams and how she and John interact.

-understanding (or remembering, as the case may be) the reasons for what happened in those days. They really had no other choice but to declare independence.

-the history – the way the homes are run, the way people speak to each other, etc.

There is one scene in each episode that is very, very hard to watch. I wouldn’t recommend this for elementary age kids, or maybe even some middle schoolers unless you skip parts.

Honestly, I know there are have been improvements made to the original constitution (abolishing slavery, giving women the right to vote, etc.), but for the most part I wish we could go back to the way this country was originally intended to run. In some ways we’re so far from it, yet in other ways, miraculously, still very much the same. It really was, and is, an amazing system of government these men created.

Also, the odds they were up against were ridiculous, and yet they stood up and made massive decisions that changed history. The people who functioned based on fear of what might happen did not become the great men of history – their names are forgotten.

Very compelling…you should watch it. Gotta go look up a good biography on Abigail Adams now…


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