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Good for the soul…

Flylady sends lots of emails when you sign up for it. Some of them are reminders to do things, which, unless I am totally on schedule for the day (which probably happens one day a month if I’m lucky) I tend to delete so they don’t sit there and make me feel guilty. Ha! However, the vast majority of them are testimonials from people about what a difference it makes in their lives to do what flylady teaches. I don’t often read these either, honestly, but occasionally one catches my attention. I could totally relate to this one, and feel like it’s a good reminder for us wives…

“Dear FlyLady,

My husband traveled last week and came home Friday. Since then, his
suitcase has sat by the door. I admit, I let it sit there to see how
long it would be there. I waited 3 days and the whole time in my head
I was getting bitter about it. “Why is he cluttering up my nice clean
hallway with that? Why doesn’t he at least put it in the bedroom? How
long is it going to sit there?” You know the thoughts. All of them
were making me cranky and angry at him.

I, of course, did not say anything to him about it either so I’m sure
he had no idea it was bothering me. This morning I saw it sitting
there and I decided to move it to our bedroom and put it on his side
of the bed where he would be sure to have to do something with it
before getting into bed tonight. But after doing that, it made my
nicely-made bed look cluttered so I opened it. Then I unpacked it. And
while I was doing it, it occurred to me that he has been working so
hard lately. His trip was a nightmare. He was up for 24 hours because
of plane delays, then he got 3 hours of sleep and was up doing yard
work and hard labor all the next day. He didn’t get one day off this

And here I was, angry at him for not unpacking a tiny suitcase that
took me UNDER 2 MINUTES to do myself and will probably make him feel
loved and cared for when he sees that I took the trouble to unpack for
him without complaining about it.

I am so glad your voice is in my head. I had the worst attitude until
I realized I needed to bless myself by doing a small service for my
wonderful, hard-working husband. And he is wonderful and he doesn’t
deserve a bitter wife. So thank you for changing my thinking! I think
you probably save marriages every day without even knowing it! The
suitcase caper could have turned into a wicked fight, but instead it’s
a non-issue and has actually made me appreciate my husband.”


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Question Authority

Kim has written yet another very insightful post. Some of the reading I have been doing lately has pointed to the value of being under authority, and I’m been meditating on that. We have many authority figures in our lives, and being under their authority brings certain protection in each case. For example, submitting to police officers (the law) brings physical safety as we don’t drive too fast. This first one is usually not too hard for people to swallow. In addition (and maybe harder), submitting to the pastor and elders of your church as your spiritual authority brings protection spiritually (and keeps you from doing stupid things!). Submitting to your husband as the head of your home brings personal protection – protection from having ungodly attitudes, from mean people, from having to carry the burden of a role that is not ours to carry as women.

God doesn’t ask us to mindlessly, brainlessly, and without question follow every word of those in authority. In fact Paul asked the churches to examine every word they were taught and make sure it lines up with Scripture. We as wives have input that our husbands desperately need, if they are to become all that God has for them (they also have similar input for us!). We see things they don’t see sometimes. But questioning authority must always be done with respect and honor for the position of the one in authority.

Alright. I’m done with the soapbox for today. Would anyone else like to borrow it?

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A good Valentine’s post

Jana has some really great thoughts for us wives/girlfriends. Actually, guys should probably read it too – they would gain great understanding of the female mind. If that’s possible. 🙂

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Here’s a good suggestion. Nick and I do this some, but can also do it better.

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On marriage

This post made me smile today, and I’ve only been married three years. 🙂

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