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Staci’s Blog

OK, here’s my chance to humiliate Staci… She finally started a blog. 🙂

Staci and I met because we were friends of friends…actually, she was a myspace friend of a friend, right Staci? They hadn’t even met in real life. She started coming to my mom’s group way back in…like March of 06? Or was it 05? Anyway, she had two little kids, and a great sense of humor. Then, she and her husband decided to chase after their dreams, which for them involved moving far away. She remains one of my favorite people. So you should read her blog. I know I will. 🙂


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Christina’s blog

I decided to embarrass Christina, and talk about her new blog.

She and I have been friends for almost 10 years now (can you believe that?)

We first met when she and I worked in our church office together. I was the secretary for the worship ministry and she was the secretary for the women’s ministry. I remember doing WAY too much chatting in each other’s offices, and sitting through incredibly boring weekly staff meetings. Then, we ended up in the same circle of friends (actually, they took me in – I was the baby of the group, by multiple years. Didn’t I annoy you guys?) That’s when she and her husband Chris met. Then, later on, we worked in another office together, a staffing agency. We would make trips to Chipotle for the entire office, and eat entire huge burritos just for the comfort of it (I was 20 pounds heavier that year than I am now, for a reason!). We had a habit of emailing each other back and forth (while we were both there in the office working), coming up with a “black” name to put in the subject line of each one (remember that, Shaniqua Latisha?) I don’t know why we did this.

Anyway, she and Chris got married and moved to where his family business is, far away from here, and we continue to keep in touch, entirely through email. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever talked on the phone since they moved. Weird. Now they have two beautiful little boys who look exactly like she and Chris, and Christina has lots of hysterical stories about trying to keep up with them.

Christina and I have been through thick and thin together. Boys (men?), jobs, kids, work… We have played hard ball on occasion, but we’re good at that. 🙂 So, enjoy her new blog.

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