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Could someone please explain to me why the simple job of planning what we’re going to eat nearly sends me into panic attacks? It’s not that hard…list a breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then buy what we need. But it’s sooooo restrictive to me, and I worry about having too much or too little food and that we won’t want what I’ve planned and that I’ll forget some ingredient and not be able to make what’s on the schedule. See? Rather neurotic. I much prefer to cook from a pantry of items we always have on hand, but we absolutely MUST cut our grocery budget to a manageable amount. It’s killing our monthly budget! Sigh…


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Making this for dinner. (LOVE that recipe site, btw.) Cheap, quick, Nick loves dark greens, and I…need to eat more of them. 🙂 Now to watch the kiddos figure them out.

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Grocery Shopping and Contentment

My life is very different from this blogger’s, and therefore we do not always agree. But, I love her post today. This is how I am trying to approach our grocery shopping now. You can feel the place of peace and trust that she speaks from, even as you read her words.

She touches on something I’ve been pondering as I slowly read John Bevere’s “Drawing Near.” Many times when we are unhappy or restless, what we’re craving is intimacy with God. But instead of seeking God for our fulfillment, it’s easy to become disappointed with God in some way, and sometimes it’s hard to believe we will find what we need there, or maybe we just don’t want to slow down enough to spend the time. So instead, we fill our spirits with spiritual “junk food,” and eat, or shop, or watch tv, or read away the desire. We’ve filled ourselves up, but it doesn’t satisfy.

When Nick and I went away overnight, we had bought tickets to see a movie in a few minutes, but I was starving. We walked several blocks downtown, trying to find something relatively cheap that would be gluten-free. After having no luck, I settled on Taco Bell, because there are a couple of menu items with some protein that I know to be gluten free. I’m not used to eating that kind of food anymore, and as I ate it, I could totally sense that it was filling my stomach, but not nourishing me. I’m so used to nourishing food that I could tell the difference!

Being a mom is hard. Sometimes I’m tempted to do whatever it takes to survive. But I don’t want to just survive – I want to thrive! I wonder if life will always be a struggle because I refuse to resign myself to “good enough.” But I can’t bring myself to believe that good enough, “junk food,” is okay for us.

I was challenged by an email I got yesterday from a mom looking to join our mom’s group. She said she was, looking to get connected with other young moms in the area who are walking with the Lord in an intimate way and looking for other women to share life with.” A simple statement, and yet it communicates so much. She doesn’t just want to be with other women, she wants real deep connection with Godly women who will encourage her in her walk with God. Oh, that we can be that for each other!

What do you ladies think about this?

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This has been kind of a tough week for me, for various reasons. Staci sent me this site last week, and it has provided so much encouragement to me this week, both spiritually and in the food area. I have never found any site that had recipes with only things we can all eat! Plus, she uses all natural sweeteners. It’s amazing for me to be able to cook straight from a recipe, without tons of substitutions that may or may not work. Plus, her food is SO good.

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More Random Stuff

Have you seen Jott yet? Call a toll-free number, leave a message, and it transcribes it and emails it to you or anyone else you have on your contacts. You can even send it to Blogger, Remember the Milk, or a huge list of other stuff.

Yes, I’m a geek. You know you’ve left yourself voicemails so you don’t forget something…

We had a consultation with another potential Maeve client last night. She wants a beautiful white mermaid strapless gown with a long black sash that ties in back. Emily is sketching it for us tonight. Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow. We also have a first fitting with Renee on Saturday. We’re excited!

My kids just got up. That was NOT a nap.

Got our produce delivery today. We pulled it out of the box and set it all over the table:
This was $38 worth. How much are we willing to bet on us actually eating all of this before it goes bad? I’m pretty determined. Wagers?

Hannah took this one:
We’re off to gramma’s house…

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5 a day?

As Nick and I were talking about something unrelated last night, we stumbled across talking about how we don’t tend to eat enough fruits and vegetables around here. Now, that may surprise you, since I’m the resident health nut. But, we focus so much on protein for blood sugar stability and gluten-free grain, that sometimes, too often, the produce becomes an afterthought. Nick reminded me of Door to Door Organics. We did this a while back, but quit in an attempt to cut back on grocery costs. The problem is, we quit buying much fresh produce in the process of saving money. At our house, we work to prioritize money for healthy eating. Sometimes it requires sacrifices in other areas. I talk about this all the time…blah, blah, blah.


Door-to-door is a pretty cool thing. Weekly, they deliver to your door a box of organic, very fresh fruits and vegetables for a pretty competitive price. What I think we like most is the variety. Unless we want to shop at the expensive grocery stores, variety is sorely lacking in Colorado. You can make up to 3 substitutions if you absolutely cannot eat what is in your box for the week, but we love that it encourages us to try new vegetables, and experiment with recipes.

I just got the email about our box for the week, which I think will come on Thursday. Here’s what’s in it:

Pinata Apple
Red Leaf Lettuce
Local Spinach
Green Chard
Beets with Tops

Sounds pretty yummy, doesn’t it?

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Recipe File

In my never-ending attempt to save money while eating healthy, I’m currently trying a 60-day trial of AccuChef. Before you laugh, let me tell you what this thing does. You can put all of your recipes in it, organize them by type, add them to a grocery list, price out your meals, do meal planning, and probably other things I have yet to figure out. You can even import recipes from recipe websites, and print out recipe books to give to friends or as gifts. I think it’s pretty cool. And it’s shareware, so after 60 uses, the registration is only $20. Pretty good deal, I think.

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