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Worship Piano Curriculum

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Here’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you all about for quite a while…

The New Life School of Worship is publishing a curriculum that I’ve written! For the past 5 years, I’ve been taking college age students, some with classical piano training, some with no piano background at all, and teaching them to play worship songs from chord charts. There are lots of teachers out there teaching this, but everyone has to develop their own way of doing it, since there aren’t too many published books that focus on modern-style worship piano. (In fact, if you know of any others, I’d love to check them out!)

Anyway, we’re in the final stages of putting together the layout of the book and volume one will hopefully be in print sometime in September. There is a teacher edition and a student edition, and it comes with a CD so if you don’t know the songs (they’re all written by New Life songwriters) you can learn them. This is aimed at piano teachers, so classical teachers can teach these concepts, but anyone with a few years of classical training could probably follow along and teach themselves as well. Book one enables someone with only basic piano knowledge to learn to play and sing a 3 song worship set by the end of 10 weeks.

The marketing for this is basically in my hands, so I suppose you’ll be hearing a lot about this in the coming weeks. I’m very excited about creating a tool to assist in worship training. It is my hope that churches who need trained keyboardists will be able to send their people to a teacher in their church who is familiar with this curriculum, and get players who are not only competent on their instrument, but familiar with worship flow, sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and excited to serve their congregation with their music. We’re planning on two more volumes to follow soon, assuming all goes well with the first.

If you’re drawn to this idea, would you pray with me about this project? There are lots of things to be accomplished still, and a short time to do them in since we want it to be released for use during the fall school semester (which starts the first week of September). Pray that we’d be able to spot any potential problems with the content and fix them, that the design will go smoothly and look great, that the printing will be done correctly the first time, and that people will be able to effectively use this for training worship leaders. Of course, I’d love it if it would catch on and make lots of money too. 😉 But this really came out of my own time teaching and desiring to train up worship leaders.

So, there ya go. This has been about three years in the making. I’m very excited to see it happening!


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