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Thoughts on Democracy

Came across this post today, where she took the time to type out a lengthy passage of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters – one of my favorites. If you take the time to read it, I think you’ll be struck, as I was, of how well Lewis described our current social and political situation. Lewis had an incredible ability to see things through to their logical conclusion, and therefore often his work seems prophetic – in the sense that he described something the way it would become, 60-80 years before it happened.

*Edited after I thought of a better way to explain what I mean – someday I’ll learn to edit BEFORE posting…

I don’t think anyone here would argue that not all ideas are equal. Some ideas are good, some are bad. Although all human life has intrinsic value, that does not mean every person’s ideas are good ones. Therein lies a danger in Democracy. If we all have to be equal, no one can be outstanding. If no one is outstanding, what do the rest of us have to reach for, to aspire to? Who can be a hero? Other people’s success does not threaten my worth – my worth is founded in what God says about me, not in my accomplishments or in comparing myself.

It’s not just the U.S. that is heading this way, either. It seems like the world as a whole wants to cut down the successful ones – that’s kind of the whole premise behind socialism/communism and there are so many countries governing with those principles. Of course, heading back into the feudal system isn’t a good goal either. It’s definitely a balancing act. I’m rambling now, but…thoughts about this?


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Sometimes I wish I had thicker skin.

All the political talk wears on me after just a few days of it. I start to feel emotionally…raw. I haven’t even had any arguments about it. But I’m amazed at how many different STRONG opinions there are about what our country needs in a leader, even among people who agree on almost everything else. And because it’s such an emotional issue, it’s scary to even try to talk about those differences.

If it could be a non-emotional conversation, I would love to discuss politics. I feel like discussing ideas actually means something, and you can learn a lot about other people by how they relate to ideas. But most of the time I feel too thin-skinned to be able to take it when someone else has a deeply held view that feels completely contrary to mine. It literally makes my stomach hurt and I feel all shaky. Why is that? Am I just needing to be liked by other people?

Here I go anyway…

I want the United States to be a great place for my children and their children. I want leaders who will govern with principles that line up with my other beliefs (not forcing religion on other people, but defending its freedom, since that’s what our nation was founded on). I don’t agree with legislating morality, I think taking care of abortion, for example, is a job better done with the love of God’s people, but neither do I want to pay for someone’s abortion with my taxes. I believe the government takes enough (or too much!) of my money in taxes and should be responsible with what they have, not ask for more. I believe churches do a better job taking care of people in need than the government does with programs. I believe foreign policy is best left to someone with a much better understanding of the world than I have, but I believe it’s the job of the government to protect and defend its people – that’s what the Bible says is its job. I do not like angry, victim mindset people, just in general. If someone is angry and not doing anything about it, they just really want to stay angry in my opinion. If I work hard, I want to see the fruit of my labor. If someone refuses (not where they can’t work, that they refuse) to work hard, they should not live off my work. I want people to tell the truth, to live with integrity, and be no-nonsense about…nonsense.

That’s what is important to me in a politician. So, here’s my idea. Give us your list of what’s important! Don’t attack what I believe, tell me what you believe, because I’m interested. Follow the format I just set up, and tell me what you think a politician should do and be. No being mean! Remember, I’m thin-skinned. 🙂

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More on Palin

My husband wrote a post today that, for multiple reasons, deeply moved me. He wrote it as satire that could also strike you as funny, but that’s not how it affected me personally. 🙂 See what you think!

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On Palin

This post said very eloquently what I’m feeling about making a judgment about the Sarah Palin deal. In addition to the reasons this blogger listed against Palin, I’ve also seen someone talk about Deborah in the Bible, and how it was an insult to Israel that there were no men willing to step up and lead. Then she quoted a passage from a minor prophet that talked about Israel’s sin, and mentioned that women lead them. I’m unsure how much of that was related to culture, and how much is God’s intended authority structure.

So for right now, I’m reserving judgment. Palin is an interesting person, for sure. She obviously stands up for what she believes while showing love and compassion for people (her daughter, for example) who make mistakes. I’m watching the whole thing carefully.

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On "The Shack"

Glenn posted a blog that perfectly expresses my feelings about this book, even down to his hesitation to say anything. This is a book I will be skipping. I value too deeply the Holiness of God, the Biblical portrayal of the Trinity, the Church, Biblical submission, and many other ideas, to read something that may confuse those in my own mind, just for a book that makes me “feel” close to God. It’s not about how close to God I feel!

I think it’s terribly important that we keep our beliefs straight in our own minds, and allow God to teach us things directly from His Word. I hope this doesn’t come across too harsh, but especially if you aren’t reading your Bible every day, you have no business gleaning theology or comfort from a novel.

So there ya go. Done with the soapbox.

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More Obama Satire

This one reads like C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. Whew.

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A Rant Against Socialism

By the incredible Dave Ramsey. Preach it!

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