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Sorry if this grosses anybody out. I’ve been through it this week and feel the need to share. 🙂

Last summer, my dentist told me I needed a root canal in my top right bicuspid. I talked with Dr P about it, because he has always maintained that root canals are bad, bad news. Apparently there is research that says since all the bacteria cannot be removed from the tooth, many root canals end up as “bacteria farms” that can cause systemic problems when the bacteria enters the bloodstream.

So. Didn’t want one of those.

Dr P referred me to his friend, Dr A, who is a “biological dentist.” I went to him, and he said he has a 50/50 success rate of basically rehabbing these kinds of teeth using homeopathics. So he filled my tooth, which required taking a portion of the nerve. Then the tooth did fine for four months. It really wasn’t any worse than any other big filling I’ve had – a little sensitive, but normal.

In November, it got really sore when I would eat fruit, so I went and had it checked/x-rayed and it was still fine. He gave me more homeopathics and sent me home.

Monday, it got sore again. Hoping it would again calm down, I brushed and flossed a little more than usual and hoped for the best.

Tuesday it was worse and the whole side of my face hurt. Tuesday night I was trying to carefully eat some homemade fish sticks, bit down on a crispy part with that tooth, and nearly went through the roof. We went to Whole Foods, bought some homeopathics for tooth pain, called the dentist who had nothing open until Thursday at noon, and hoped for the best. I basically did not sleep that night. I took four extra strength Tylenol during the course of the night so that I wasn’t screaming in pain. (Please remember, I’m 39 weeks pregnant.)

Wednesday morning I called and basically demanded to be seen that day.

I was finally able to get in Wednesday at 4pm. They gave me an x-ray and found that tooth had abscessed. I also had another tooth on that same side that needed a huge filling and was in danger of having the same problem. I was given a big dose of antibiotics, 24 GRAMS (yes, grams) of Vitamin C in an IV (which bruised really badly because the nurse said my vein “rolled” and she had to fish for it. I’ve never had anyone have trouble with my veins in my life), and then they filled the one tooth, and pulled the one that had abscessed. I will spare you all the details, but after 6 or 8 shots it never did get totally numb. They also took impressions and had a “flipper” – basically a retainer with a denture attached so I don’t have a gaping hole in my teeth – ready for me by noon on Thursday.

At this dental office the dentist regularly brings his dog to work with him, and the assistant has started bringing hers too. Hers is a little Maltese, who has decided that his job is to comfort patients. Without being invited, he jumped right up on my lap, laid his head on my belly, and kept watch the whole time they worked on me. If I moved, he lifted his head and checked to make sure I was alright before laying back down. I was freezing cold because of the IV, and having that little warm, soft dog to pet during the whole thing was really a big comfort, as funny as it sounds.

So. Minus a tooth at 29 years old. I have to get an implant done in three months. I have no idea yet where the money will come to pay for all of this since it will far exceed my insurance limits, but God will take care of us. Honestly, labor seems less and less like a big deal! Heh. Looking on the bright side, I’m REALLY glad it happened before the baby came and not after. I was there almost 4 hours, and I have no idea how that would have worked with a nursing infant, let alone with the painkiller and other issues involved.

Ow. It hurt. So glad that’s over. Now to have that baby…


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Swine Flu Vaccine

Watch this. It’s a 60 Minutes documentary on the effects of the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976. It was aired one time and never again. Any of this sound familiar?

Often, people who are anti-vaccination are accused of being fearful, using fear to persuade people of their opinions. That’s true in some cases. However, watch the propaganda videos at the end of the part 2 video. Wow, talk about fear motivation!

To protect yourself from the flu, vitamin D, probiotics and chicken soup have always worked. Too much vitamin D supplement can be a problem too, but your own body makes it for free and with no fear of overdose, with just 20 minutes of sunshine per day on bare skin. Don’t let someone scare you into taking a vaccine that may or may not have been thoroughly tested, and may or may not be even more dangerous to you than the disease itself. The government, as we have all seen repeatedly, is not necessarily on your side. There are many many other interests besides yours that play into whether a vaccine is sold or not. The vaccine companies are saying they’ll have a shot ready by October. Please, do your research before allowing anyone to give you or your family a shot you don’t understand.

This was in an email newsletter I received:

Facts suggesting that Vitamin D was somewhat protective against the Flu of 1918:
1. The mass of deaths in the Northern hemisphere occurred when Vitamin D levels were low (fall and winter).
2. While infection rates were similar for sailors and troops on infected troop transport ships, the sailors had 1/4 the mortality of the troops. One has to assume the 25(OH)D of sailors aboard 1918 troop transport ships was higher than the troops inside.
3. Underground coal miners in North America had the highest mortality of any occupation.
4. Open air hospitals in North America allegedly had lower mortalities than regular hospitals.
5. Mortality for sailors at sea was markedly lower than sailors ashore, despite the crowded conditions on board.

Referenced by Vitamindcouncil.org

Although these facts are in no way definitive, there seems to be a correlation between those getting more sun exposure and lower mortality from Flu.

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The Last Resort

Staci referred me to this website. People often ask me about where to start to get healthy, or how to feed their family right. This article has the steps – the place to start. The author is very no-nonsense, and he doesn’t really tolerate whining. 🙂 I’ve only read a couple of articles on the website so far, but what I’ve read goes right along with what I’ve learned in the 11 years I’ve been living like this.

Note: Upon further reading of this site, I’ve noticed that the guy is also a HUGE conspiracy theorist. Just ignore that part. 😉

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Circadian Rhythm

I found this article very interesting today. It gives tons of info and then says our bodies are made to sleep from 10pm to 6am. It also says to sleep in a pitch black room. I’ve heard these things before, but in light of the fact that Nick and I often go to bed late and drag around the whole next day, it’s pretty interesting to me. Anybody up for an experiment?

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This is pretty weird

Have you seen this? Little girls are going through puberty at ridiculously young ages. The alternative medicine community blames it on endocrine disruptors, chemicals in all kinds of cleaners, as well as pesticides in meat and produce. Pretty creepy, and yet another reason to go green with cleaners and buy organic!

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Colloidal Silver

Here’s an article about colloidal silver that I found interesting. We use it all the time against all kinds of sickness, and it works great. Each of my kids has only been on antibiotics once in their lives because of this stuff. There are many people who say it’s dangerous and they refuse to use it because of what happened to this guy, but if you scroll down and read Dr. Mercola’s comments, you’ll see the truth. 🙂

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Another headline

The U.S. maternal death rate is higher than in European countries. Interesting. Even more interesting is the list they give of the cause of death.

“The major direct causes of U.S. pregnancy-related deaths are blood clots, hemorrhage, complications of medical conditions, and eclampsia and pre-eclampsia, which are marked by dangerously high blood pressure.”

How many of these deaths could be prevented by a change in our diets? I already talked about eclampsia last week. Hemorrhage is scary, but in theory should be solved with proper vitamin intake and absorption. Many medical conditions are a result of poor overall health…

I’m sure we cannot keep ALL of these from happening, but obviously, even with our high-tech hospitals, we are doing something wrong. After all, we are all humans. If other humans are experiencing a better rate, let’s figure out what they’re doing and DO it.

And, although it wasn’t mentioned… dare I bring up homebirth here? Many of those same European countries do homebirths for all routine pregnancies. Hmmm…

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